What do we want to offer our SAP users? 

We wish to provide them with the best supplements for their ERP in the five following areas:

1 Data extraction

We wish to supply the best products which enable to extract real-time and on-demand data production following custom filters for power systems testing, training or quality.

2 Audit and Analysis of ERP systems

Similarly, we offer the tools to make a detailed study of deployment configurations, processes actually implemented, in order:

 - to improve and ensure SOX compliance
 - the ITIL compliance
 - to accelerate project deployment
 - to ensure a perfect non-regression

3 Security of ERP

We are interested in all tools that allow secure access to data, publication of dashboards on the authorizations given to users and the use of such authorizations.

4  Data migration to other production systems.

5 Archiving solutions 


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